Oklahoma needs term limits for municipal offices!

With any political office, TWELVE YEARS IS ENOUGH! I don’t care how great some people think that a particular politician may be, TWELVE YEARS IS ENOUGH!

Electoral systems without term limits always become, to a greater or lesser extent, personality cults.  This causes grassroots political activity to wither on the vine.  Why get involved?  Our “savior” is in office!  Our “savior” will do “everything we need”!  There is nothing that I need to do other than vote for “our savior”, whoever that may be.

That attitude will destroy a democracy much more quickly than anything else.

We see this problem in Oklahoma City right now with the personality cult revolving around the mayor.  A great remedy for that would be TERM LIMITS for the Mayor and City Council.

We the People can put this into law by starting an initiative petition.  And this year is the time to do it, since the number of signatures required is a percentage of the vote in the previous City election.  In this particular case, our previous City election had a low turnout, so the signature requirement is low to qualify a city initiative proposal.

Contact me at bob@bobwaldrop.net if you are interested in working on this.   Let’s git ‘er done!


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  1. jamesnimmo says:

    What’s so magical about the number twelve? I think eight years is enough.

  2. sarah ot says:

    Hi, what a neat Blog! I was watching a film about one of the Land Runs & had thought I would like to see how far back my family goes as Oklahomans. I know for sure that I am at least 3rd gen!

    I found your Blog because I was reading something about Dr Ed Shadid. I wondered if anyone knew for sure that Mr Cornett will be running again, which led me to wondering about Term Limits, specifically for Oklahoma City Mayors. (Then I found you whilst Googling). So is there no Term Limit at all? A person could, theoretically, be Mayor indefinitely? Twelve years does even seem excessive. I am going next to read the story you link to about the cult of personality around the current Mayor. It’s so interesting the words that you chose, so many people said those exact same words about President Obama (“Hurray, our Savior!”. I have a family member who literally said to me, “He will save us all”) – who I feel sort of sorry for now, I predicted that people expected too much of him, and that the same people who built him up would turn on him. And they are.

    But back to the Mayoral situation, I would be very happy to sign a petition regarding term limits. No one should make this wonderful city their little kingdom.
    I have been excited about grassroots work in the past, then saw things I wished I hadn’t & needed to step away. But I find myself unable to not be involved in the upcoming Mayoral race, I really feel one of the two (so far) candidates is so much more interested in helping than being lauded for “Savior-ness”. Thanks and I promise to write far less in the future 🙂

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