A new book from Bob.

Announcing. . .


How to permaculture your urban lifestyle.

A good-life design guide for Millennials, Boomers, and Generation X.

Strategies, tools, and techniques to help you navigate the cardinal threats
of peak oil, climate instability, economic irrationality, and political criminality.

An Almanac of  Useful Information and Permaculture Self-Study Guide.

1,025 letter-size pages in the PDF format, approximately 388,000 words.
14 sections, 248 chapters.

Available now on the January order of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.

Coming soon to fine ebook retailers everywhere including Amazon Kindle, Nook. Smashwords, etc.

Priced at US$ 1.99.

Visit http://www.ipermie.net to preview the the summaries of the chapters and the Foreword by Vinay Gupta.

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