Oklahoma City Nanny State Alert!

Oklahoma City is asking the state legislature to lower the height requirements before the city can write code violations and get a court order for a contractor to mow a property, charging the homeowner with the bill, from the present 12 inches to 8 inches.  The law is vague, referring only to “grass and weeds” and Oklahoma City code inspectors routinely exploit that vagueness.

If a court order is obtained, the homeowner gets no notice of the hearing and no opportunity to respond.  Rumor has it that the City inspectors routinely swear that an “emergency situation prevails” so the normal process of noticing someone that a court is about to act upon them must be waived due to imminent threats, yadda yadda yadda.  This of course is almost always at best an exaggeration and at worse perjury, but they get away with it. The city judges know who writes their paychecks and they act accordingly.

Don’t bother with contacting your city council person.  The city has already approved its list. Now is the time to contact your state senator and state representative and urge them to vote against this expansion of Oklahoma City’s Nanny State and to protect the rights of property owners.

Reported in the OKC Gazette at http://www.okgazette.com/oklahoma/article-16833-looking-for-laws.html

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