And here’s the rest of the story.

And here’s the rest of the story.

We didn’t get 23 drivers for the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House November 2012 delivery day that I thought we needed, but we did get enough that all the deliveries were done as of today (only one was done today). 392 which was what we wanted to do (it’s a multiple of 12, and the groceries are in cases of 12 or 24, expect for spaghetti which for whatever odd reason comes in boxes of 20).

We did have to unexpectedly contend with rotten oranges randomly in the cases of oranges. We ended up hand sorting out about 20 cases of rotten oranges. No one’s favorite task. But we were able after sorting out the rotten to give everybody¬† four oranges and families got eight to twelve.

We delivered as much food as the bags were physically able to hold. Instead of the usual paper bag in a plastic grocery bag, the food bank sent us hundreds of blue shopping bags, so each one held a paper bag. They were very sturdy and the Wal Mart propaganda notwithstanding they were very useful. The hydrocarbon debt of this work is not small.

All of us involved with this are very grateful for the people out there willing to vote with their bodies by taking practical action to do actually useful things to help.

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