Leaving the poor behind for the wolves to devour.

What did I expect from Governor Mary Queen of Lynch Mobs Fallin?  I guess I expected more than what we got, which just goes to show how I am not immune to the random hope that somebody somewhere in the goobermint might get a clue and do something righteous for a change.

Cue gales of laughter at the utter absurdity of that thought.

It didn’t happen at the Czar’s Palace in St. Petersburg in 1917, nor at Versaille in France in 1789.  It’s not going to happen at the Governor’s Mansion in Oklahoma City nor at the White House in Washington.

This is how life looks at the edge of the abyss, as we stare down the long slide that looms ahead of us.

We are going down for the count.

We comfort ourselves with the thought — “Well, this won’t impact me.  I have a JOB.  I have real health insurance.”

That’s what lots of people thought in 2007.  Then came the financial collapse. They lost their jobs. Their health insurance disappeared. Their houses were foreclosed upon. Some of them ended up in tents in the homeless encampments hidden in all of our cities and many of our rural areas.

We’ve had it so good for so long we can’t conceive of how things might go differently.  But it doesn’t take much.

The whispers are already roaming around the internet — “2013 is looking a lot like 1937,” a year which saw a sharp downturn in the Depression after a period of time when people thought things were getting better.

The deal is, there isn’t enough to go around anymore.

The rich and the powerful are taking so much, we are so seriously misallocating our governmental resources, that something has to give somewhere.  No one in our bipartisan goobermint is going to do anything rational like shut down the American empire and bring our troops and fleets home.  The elites make money off of war, so war we will have and it will get all the money it needs.

For Fallin and her lynch mobs, the answers are obvious.

They don’t really see the people who would benefit from the Medicaid expansion as human persons.  The poor don’t give money to Republican campaigns.  Most of them probably don’t vote for Republican candidates.  What’s the point of being governor if you don’t reward your friends and punish your enemies?  In her merciless calculations, all these poor people aren’t very productive. We shouldn’t be spending much on their health care anyway. We’re better off if their mortality rates increase and if they abort their children because of the desperation of their circumstances.  That way we have more for war, highways, and special corporate multi-million dollar welfare checks for those who give big bucks to the political establishment.

So once again I ask the questions that make people just roll their eyes and shake their heads —

  • Got food storage? If yes, “get more. If no, “better get some.”
  • Got a place to live that is debt free? If you have a mortgage and have financial assets, sell the financial assets and pay off your mortgage. If you have too much mortgage, sell your house and buy something smaller in a less prosperous neighborhood that costs a lot less so you can pay cash for it. A mortgage is a death grip, that’s what it literally means in Latin. If debts are consuming your income, declare bankruptcy.
  • If you rent, have a good relationship with your landlord. If you don’t have it and cant’ get it, move. What are your shelter alternatives?
  • Got a community of support in time of need?
  • Got extreme energy conservation so your operating costs are low?

The real message of Governor Mary Queen of Lynch Mobs Fallin’s action today in rejecting the Medicaid expansion is that Collapse is coming. The Ship of State is sinking and there isn’t enough room in the lifeboats for everyone. First people to be shoved off the decks without life-preservers are the poor.

You may be next.

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