You don’t represent me, James Lankford.

Representative James Lankford, Republican, elected from the congressional district where I live, has this to say in today’s New York Times —

“The Senate was rewarded for inactivity, the House was rewarded for standing up for its principles and the president was rewarded for his. I was elected by my district to represent their values. I really don’t approach this and say, Now I’ve got to cave to what the Senate or president want.”

To which I reply —

You do not represent me James Lankford.

You represent the Culture of Death in its most egregious manifestations.  Your hands drip with the blood of the innocent shed in your wars of violence. You campaigned on a platform of ideological cruelty and greed and so it came to pass you were elected to represent an ideology of cruelty and greed and that is all you will do in Washington, D.C.

Don’t insult my intelligence with a claim that having run a divisive, ideological campaign, now everything is somehow sweetness and light and you want to represent “everyone.”

You want to represent the rich and powerful and that’s the extent of your political interests.


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