Getting ready for the Creighton students and their alternative spring break at our house.

One of the spring events here at the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker house is the arrival of a team of students from Creighton University who come here and spend their spring break with us.  I am always amazed at the willingness of these students to not go to the beach and instead come here and sleep on our floor and spend their days doing the works of justice, peace, and mercy.

During the week they learn to make grind grain into flour, bake bread, plant a garden, bake whole wheat chocolate cake and brownies (I know, whole wheat chocolate cake sounds terribly pious, but it is actually quite tasty).  We walk the “Social Justice Stations of the Cross”, which takes the students to 14 different locations across the city where we do a station of the Cross and reflect on social justice themes.  The first station — “Christ is Condemned to Death” — is a place where drugs and sex are sold.  The 12th Station — Christ Dies on the Cross — is the site of the bombing of the OKC Federal Building.  The 11th Station — Christ is stripped naked — we do at an intersection where Oklahoma Natural Gas, Oklahoma Gas and Electric, the federal bankruptcy court, and the (former) site of the Oklahoma branch of the Federal Reserve System are located. 

This next week they will also assist low income senior citizens with home repairs, help at a food bank, deliver meals to homeless people, learn about permaculture, and generally keep pretty busy from dawn to dusk until they leave. 

Please keep these students in your hopes and prayers as they travel to Oklahoma City and experience this alternative spring break program.

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