My endorsements for the 2012 Election

I am running late on my endorsements for the 2012 election!  But never fear, here they are, for what they are worth.  I guarantee that they are worth at least what you are paying me for them.

President:  None of the above are acceptable.  It cannot be stated too strongly.  The incumbent candidate is a mass murderer whose hands drip with the blood of the innocent. The Republican challenger eagerly awaits his opportunity to murder his way across central Asia.  So at least here in Oklahoma, the candidates for prez are too evil for my conscience.  If you live elsewhere, I encourage you to vote for the Libertarian, the Green, or the Constitution party candidate for president, anybody but the big guys.  Oklahoma does not have free and fair elections. Our election system is rigged to exclude non-“major party” candidates. The crooks running this state did not get their present ability to loot the state by running free and fair elections and they certainly have no intention of starting anything so radical as a free and open election system in this state at this late date.

Congress:  It looks like each race has one or more independents, and all of them oppose our present foreign policy. I don’t know much about any of them except for Bob Murphy, whom I have known for years. So I’m endorsing Robert T. Murphy and encouraging votes for independent candidates wherever they may be found on the ballot.


SQ 758: Reduce the property tax cap from 5% to 3%.

I strongly recommend a YES vote.

This reduces the amount the county can increase your property taxes in any given year from 5% to 3%.  The property tax is one of the most regressive taxes on the books. It is a particular problem for low income and elderly people. With the present system, a person’s property taxes double every 14 years. If this passes, it will take 24 years to double property taxes. This tax is particularly egregious because it is based on the government’s calculations as to the value of your property. These are imaginary values that may or may not have any actual relevance to a particular property. The property tax appeal system is rigged to favor the government.  I strongly recommend a YES vote on this proposal.

SQ 759: Ban Affirmative Action

I strongly recommend a NO vote.

This is more ideological campaigning by radicals in the state legislature who see Oklahoma as a petri dish for their pet crackpot theories.

SQ 762: Remove governor from parole process for non-violent crimes.

I strongly recommend a YES vote.

This is a no-brainer. Governors are always reluctant to parole anyone no matter how ready they may be because of the election problems paroles cause. As a result, our prison system is packed to the rafters and many of these people are non-violent offenders for minor drug offenses. This is a state where you can get locked up for a decade and more for an offense involving less than an ounce of marijuana.

SQ 764: Bonding authority for water projects.

I recommend a YES vote.

I guess this is OK.  But it’s only a guess.  It’s not as dangerous as some things the government proposes, and it might do some good. It might do ecological evil also, but I’ll go with a yes vote.

SQ 765. Eliminate the Oklahoma Human Services Commission

I recommend a NO vote.

I am suspicious of what is going on here so my recommendation is NO WAY.

SQ 766: Intangible property taxes

I recommend a NO vote.

I worry about this one and its possible impact on small business.  But then I look at whose is in favor of it — starting with Mary Queen of Lynch Mobs Fallin and  the State Chamber of Commerce. Neither the Governor nor the State Chamber is guilty of supporting actual small business. They are both political creatures of our economic aristocracy, and they never saw a rent-seeking idea that they didn’t think wasn’t the greatest thing since slice bread in a plastic bag.  So this one in my mind dies on the basis of GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION with evil .  It’s also GUILTY FOR RUNNING  EXTRA SLEAZY CAMPAIGN COMMERCIALS.


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2 Responses to My endorsements for the 2012 Election

  1. davidglover says:

    Think of reconsidering 758, it is a bait and switch, most properties do not get the higher assessment, but if you lower it from the ones that do you can actually INCREASE taxes on lower income owners. See this for verification: OK Policy urges a no vote.

  2. webkeeper says:

    I read the Oklahoma Policy report and I am not persuaded. My taxes have increased ever single year since I bought this place by 5%. The Ok Policy blog should have backed its comments with actual research because as near as I can tell, everybody’s taxes are going up reliably by 5%/year. Mine have almost doubled and are heading towards $100/month. I think the property tax is one of the most dangerous taxes, especially since we are headed into economic hard times. During the Depression, tens of thousands of Oklahoma farmers lost their land because they couldn’t pay the taxes on it. Fortunes were made in rural areas by buying up properties for the taxes. I worry that we are headed into something similar, only in urban areas. If we get Texas-style property taxes, which I think is the direction we are going, it will become virtually impossible for low income people to own any property.

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