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The author of the HB 2151, which I had been describing as an Urban Livestock Liberation act, has made a slight change in the text of his bill, by adding this text:

“C. The provisions of subsections A and B of this section shall not apply to regulations by municipalities which lawfully limit the type and number of livestock in certain areas.”

Bwahahahaha.  I think the title should now be changed to — “Encouraging Lawsuits in Oklahoma Act of 2009”.  This opens a hole big enough to drive through a fleet of trucks hauling chickens and goats to backyard chicken coops and barns in Oklahoma cities.

In one paragraph, the legislators say that municipalities can’t regulate livestock.  In the next paragraph, the legislators say that municipalities can regulate livestock. 

So which is it?  Can or can’t regulate livestock?  I can see legal challenges to city ordinances and legal challenges to this law itself.  And I thought the Republicans were supposed to be agin’ the trial lawyers.  Yet, they hand them a fat opportunity for even more litigation like this.  If this keeps up, Republicans will start getting phat checks from trial lawyers.

As I said in my earlier post on this subject, if we let the Legislature have enough rope, they will certainly hang themselves.  Oklahoma moves deeper and deeper into a recession, while our legislature occupies its time with frivolous ideological legislation and pandering to special interests. 

The confined animal feeding operation system certainly “needs” all the help it can get to stave off the economic and ecological irrationalities inherent in its structure, and the legislature will certainly try to extend its life, but the handwriting is on the wall — “mene, mene, tekel, u-pharison”, ancient Aramaic words for coins. 

The interpretation today is that same as it was in the days of Daniel.  Its days have been numbered and its “kingdom” is coming to an end.  The CAFO system has been weighed in the balances and found wanting.  Its business will be divided and given to another.

And who is the “another” we ask?  Those farmers and ranchers who respect the integrity of the land, who do not create odoriferous pestholes of disease and corruption, who do not treat their animals with grave cruelty, whose business models are economic viable and environmentally sustainable.  That is the future of livestock culture, not the accountant-designed, corporation-dominated, CAFO system which robs the land and the farmer and gives all the benefit to the corporations and retailers.

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