Separate and Unequal

One of the things driving us towards the ash heap of history is the “separate and unequal” system our aristocacies have carved out for themselves in our constitutional order.

  • Bernie Madoff, who made off with billions of dollars, rests comfortably in his palatial penthouse.  Meanwhile, in other parts of town, young people guilty of selling five bucks of crack cocaine are crammed into filthy jails.
  • Nobody seems to be investigating the numerous financial crimes that occured over the last decade that has brought our economy to its knees.  indeed, most of the primary perpetrators have been rewarded with tens of billions of dollars, with even more money in the pipeline.
  • Meanwhile,  some of those same perps are cashing in on $20 billion in bonuses and other kickbacks, much of this apparently paid for with tax dollars.
  • Giant transnational corporations are in the process of driving tens of thousands of small scale producers of artisan crafts and body care products out of business — under the guise of “protecting” the public from exposure to lead.
  • Nobody in government is apparently interested in sending corporate aristocrats to jail over the tainted peanut butter scandal, but let some farmer sell a pint of raw milk – or an egg from an unlicensed chicken — and it doesn’t take long for all regulatory hell to break loose.
  • Medical corporations kill people all the time with negligence, fraud, and filthy conditions in their facilities.  Nobody ever goes to jail.  Indeed, corporations kill people all the time and nobody goes to jail.  If the government had taken my advice back in 1999 — Taming the Corporate Criminal in 11 Easy Steps — then we might not even be having this conversation.  Yes its true folks.  We need a death penalty for corporations.

It is evident that our aristocrats are as blind and foolish as the French aristocracy in 1789 or the Russian aristocracy in 1914.  Now is the time to break their power, and the important thing is that — in comparison to 1789 and 1914 — we have peaceful, non-violent methods of social change at our disposal.

It all begins with me. . . and with you . . . in the decisions we make on how to spend our money and who we support economically and politically.

YES WE CAN — declare our independence from debt bondage.

YES WE CAN — refuse to feed the aristocratic parasites on Wall Street and in the big bank system.

YES WE CAN – create local economies of support to carry us through these bad times.

YES WE CAN — close our ears to the lies of politicians and corporation aristocrats.

YES WE CAN — learn to think for ourselves.

YES WE CAN — end the American Empire and bring our troops and fleets home.

YES WE CAN — turn OFF our televisions and turn ON our brains.

YES WE CAN — work together with our neighbors to build communities of peace, safety, and safety.

And . . .

NO WE CAN’T — do the same things that we have always done and expect something different to happen.

NO WE CAN’T — trust the government to defend our interests.

NO WE CAN’T — keep our money in big banks or on Wall Street and expect financial security and safety.

NO WE CAN’T — keep on polluting the earth and its biosphere as if tomorrow doesn’t matter.

It’s up to us, and our individual decisions.  Think carefully how you spend that next dollar and who you listen to for advice.

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