Council gives go-ahead for the murder of the Civic Center trees.

In another case of power running amok, the Oklahoma City Council gave its approval (7 to 2) for the murder of the trees of the Civic Center Park, the removal of historic monuments, and the subsequent expensive redesign of the park.  Because of this lavish expenditure, money won’t be available to complete the street work needed so there could be some rational traffic rearrangement of our present system of one-way streets that are so dangerous to pedestrians. As noted Oklahoman reporter Steve Lackmeyer in his column yesterday, because of this lunacy (well, he didn’t use the word “lunacy, that’s my rhetorical contribution) —

  • Hudson between Reno and Robert S. Kerr will be TWO way.
  • Then, between Robert S Kerr and NW 6th, it will be ONE way.
  • North of 6th, it will go back to being TWO way.

Steve Lackmeyer reports that at the Council meeting, Dr. Ed Shadid attempted to get an answer from the City Manager about why the priorities were shifted, away from traffic work that relates to public safety, and onto a frilly park redesign that many do not like. Mayor Mick, ever the advocate of transparency (NOT!) cut him off and asked others to speak.  Pat Ryan said “some people like Chevy’s, others prefer Fords. Mick says “we’ll eventually get everything done.” And then Meg-she-who-never-disobeys-Mick-Salyer then chimed in with a full endorsement of the murder of the trees of the Civic Center park.

As Steve notes, people are killed on our stupid arrangement of one-way streets in downtown, which create the illusion of being on a raceway and encourage cars to zoom through town at unsafe speeds and ignore the risks to pedestrians.  So it goes, another day in the City; the rich and powerful win another round and We the People lose.

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3 Responses to Council gives go-ahead for the murder of the Civic Center trees.

  1. GardenWoman says:

    I would write my councilman, but he has ignored everything I’ve sent him so far. When I went to speak at a Council meeting as a “citizen to be heard” he left the room.

  2. sarah ot says:

    Mick would “pave paradise and put up a parking lot” every day of the week if it benefited his pocketbook. I am going to do all I can to make sure he is voted out of the office he clearly feels entitled to in 2014.

  3. sarah ot says:

    Reading this Blog entry again, I find it even more offensive that the DO recently called for “civility” between current Mayor and City Councilman Ed Shadid, saying that Dr Shadid would be the “problem”. I wish I had seen this before I commented on that ridiculous article. I agree with your call on Cornett’s lack of transparency, and add that I think Dr Shadid is much more interested in that issue and will continue to be.

    I’m reminded that I need to go say good-bye to Stage Center. That will be my first personal… not sure how to say it, a building that I sort of grew up in that is going to just be gone. I always knew it was costly to heat and air condition, but also that there was not a bad seat in either of it’s “houses”. But still really ouchy.

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