The State Chamber of Commerce is on the wrong side (again!)

I hate it when my blog posts disappear, which seems to be happening with some regularity.  This one disappeared some time this afternoon.

Anyway. . . comes now the State Chamber of Commerce in opposition to a simple proposal before the Oklahoma Ethics Commission that would forbid lobbyists from buying expensive gifts, dinner, or sports event tickets for state legislators.  This is a matter of “courtesy and decorum”, they say.  Well, if that indeed is how the State Chamber defines “courtesy and decorum”, then we need a lot less of it at the state capital, and a lot more honesty and integrity.  That indeed may be a pigs may fly moment, since Oklahoma government has long had a much deserved reputation for outright corruption. 

The Chamber claims that no legislator would sell his or her vote for the price of dinner, but given the fact that Oklahoma is a low cost of living state, it would not be a surprise if our legislators were cheap dates.

Now would be a good time to write an email to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission encouraging them to adopt the proposed rule that would ban lobbyists from buying meals, expensive gifts, or sports tickets for Oklahoma legislators.  If you send them a comment, their staff will actually respond!

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  1. davidglover says:

    When is the state chamber on the right side? It will always be profit over people, anything for the rich and powerful.

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