A note to Archbishop Dolan as he receives the cardinal’s hat.

Dear Archbishop Dolan,

Whispers in the Loggia reports today an extract from your speech on receiving the honor of becoming a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church.  Among other things, you said —

For my part, I have to ask myself: Where do I show steadfastness now? If I can’t be courageous now in small things, how might I be ready to answer the summons to shed my blood in grave matters? Do I speak of the Gospel full and entire, with joy and conviction, even to those who appear to be indifferent or hostile?

Alas for all of us, steadfastness, courage, and faithfulness are not your strong suits. You are very selective in your preaching of the Gospel, in particular, your interpretation of the the Gospel of Life is inconsistent.  You will defend the right of the unborn to life, but you will not defend the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to life.  For you, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, caught between two warring factions of the Culture of Death, are not persons in the same way that you are a person. If you saw them as truly human persons, you would have come to the defense of their lives, from the moment of conception to the time of natural death.  But you have not done that. You have with great cruelty and a notable lack of mercy for a senior religious public figure abandoned them to their fates without objection or even much comment. You defend the right to life of unborn children, but once born, you appear to be strangely indifferent to what happens thereafter. Indeed, on this basis it is hard to even think of you as pro-life. You may be anti-abortion, but that is not the same thing as being pro-life, so said the Blessed John Paul II in his encyclical, Evangelium Vitae. I publicly accuse you of  material cooperation with the objective evil of unjust war.

Do I defend the Church when she is maligned or attacked, or when her proper liberties are threatened? Do I stand fast with those around the world persecuted and even martyred for their faith, raising my voice in solidarity with them?

Here again you fail. You abandoned the ancient Christian churches of Iraq to their fate, again without protest or much commentary. Your voice of solidarity is not heard on their behalf.

One of the traditional works of mercy is to admonish sinners, and so I wish to publicly admonish you that your hypocrisy and inconsistency in regard to the Gospel of Life is a shame and a scandal.  I have written you privately about these matters, and you have never bothered to reply.  You should remember the counsel of St. John Chrysostom, who said that the road to hell is paved with the bones of priests and lined with the skulls of bishops. Heed to the counsel of St. John Chrysostom, Most Reverend Timothy Cardinal-Designate Dolan, lest your own skull eventually be nothing more than a decoration on that Via ad Infernum.

I will pray this novena to St. John Chrysostom for you and the other new American cardinals over the next nine days.

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