Just Say NO WAY To Murdering the Civic Center’s Heritage Trees!

Comes now the news that architect Rand Elliot’s plan for a make-over of the Civic Center park would involve murdering the heritage oak trees, planted in 1937 as part of the original landscaping.

To which I say — ENOUGH ALREADY of the destruction of trees by Oklahoma City area government!

They chopped down all the glorious shady trees along Film Row. The street looks naked, and one of the long-time business people there, who helped plant the original trees, says he doubts the new landscaping will survive. State and city vandals  destroyed the heritage walnut trees of the Walnut Grove neighborhood, for the sake of the Crosstown Freeway relocation and the so-called “river rowing amenities” and their associated parking lots along the North Canadian River. Some of those trees likely dated to before statehood!

But the vandals in charge cared little about these natural heritage trees that we inherited from our ancestors who were wise enough to leave them in place.  Off with their leafy CO2-consuming heads! Destroy the habitat! Burn, loot, pillage, and rape the natural environment —  that is the Oklahoma City way!

Rand Elliott seems to be working in that same tradition. Right in the middle of two major Art Deco structures, he wants a modernistic park, with sticks and rotating gizmos instead of the heritage oaks that presently grace the Plaza.

Just say no! Contact your council person and the mayor and Just Say No to this civic vandalism.

It looks like the aristocratic hand of Larry Nichols and Devon Energy is in this, because according to the City Manager, it’s the agreement between the City and Nichols that is driving this latest urban atrocity. It’s not bad enough that we’ve indebted ourselves for 20 years to Nichols at a high interest rate, stealing money from schools, libraries, and the health department in order to fund downtown decorations.  No, now we have to destroy heritage oak trees AND endure some kind of modernistic monstrosity of a park redesign AND rename the park after him. God save us from  nouveau-riche white trash corporate welfare queens.

I think folks should stop by the Facebook page of Rand Elliott and him know how you feel!  OKC doesn’t have a FB page, so contact them at http://www.okc.gov/contact/ .

How is it — btw —  that OKC doesn’t have a FB page? I thought we were trying to be kewl like Austin. Looks like Mayor Mick has a FB page, but it does not accept comments from the hoi polloi on its wall.  You can leave a comment about one of his posts however, and there’s no law that a comment has to actually apply to what is being commented upon.

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