Famine Watch

Here’s some light reading for you — the Famine of 2009 — confirming and reporting some of the issues I have been talking about over the last couple of years.  Empires always collapse first at their peripheries, and the upper Great Plains, when it comes to energy distribution, are at the “periphery” of our nation’s fuel distribution system even though they are geographically located in the middle of the continent.  As a result, they keep running out of fuel.  The blog post also reports problems with crop insurance, which if that turns out to be true, will cause problems for farmers seeking production loans to plant their 2009 crops (lenders often won’t loan money for seed and production costs if the crop isn’t insured).

Meanwhile, our nations’s largest poultry producer, Pilgrim’s Pride, declared chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday.  They produce about 25% of the nation’s poultry.

Got food storage?

Got a local food production system?

The time to grow a local food production system is before the famine starts.

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  1. Peak Shrink says:

    I would like to suggest that we all think quite seriously about raising some meat birds for ourselves and our neighbors on pasture, this spring, if we are able. The raising of them is simple, the meat is better tasting than you get at Pilgrim’s Pride, and the poop is very high in nitrogen. There are several fine books that detail how to do it.

    That $1.00 a pound chicken you bought? That’s gone the way of the buffalo…

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