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A letter not published. . .

Earlier this month I sent a letter to the editors of the Oklahoman which has not been published.  Here it is  and I suppose it is evident as to why it wasn’t published ;). The editors of the Oklahoman don’t … Continue reading

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Two Parables from the 1990s for the 2010s — Behold the Welfare Mother and Food Stamps in my hand.

Is this decade called the teens? The tens? Anyway. . . I am going through a major decluttering.  Among other things, that involves going through boxes of memorabilia. Research in my files is kind of like doing archeology work.  I … Continue reading

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The realities of feeding the poor.

Concurrent with the push for the new farm bill, which includes cuts to food stamps, has been a series of editorials and news stories lauding the compassion of the American people in helping feed the poor. And that’s true — … Continue reading

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What will you eat this winter? A Celebration of Local Food Independence!

It is high summer, and as I have often said in my mid-summer blog posts since 2003 — it’s Summertime, and the livin is easy. Listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong in what is maybe the best recording ever … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Denialists Running Rampant

You know that the peak oil denial movement is running rampant when Treehugger of all places pops up with a peak oil denial article quoting the redoubtable George Monbiot claiming that “there’s enough oil to deep fry us all.”  While … Continue reading

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