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On the avoidance of idleness. In automobile engines that is.

Maura McDermott, Communications Director for the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture,  recently posted a PDF of an article by Kerr Center intern Erica Hellen to the Oklahoma Sustainability discussion listserv.  Idle Impacts  To which I say — Bravo bravo! The … Continue reading

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New Crosstown causing traffic gridlock downtown.

It’s not my imagination.  Downtown on the Range is talking about it. With pictures. The gridlock, that is, on Western Avenue from the exits/on-ramps of the new I-40 Crosstown Freeway going north into downtown. My best advice is — stay … Continue reading

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32 Days of Zucchini and Yellow Squash

It is prime summer squash production time and it seems to be everywhere in our local food system.  So let’s eat what we got.  Here are 32 recipe ideas for zucchini (which also work for yellow squash, I usually cook … Continue reading

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Romero Catholic Worker needs your support.

It’s summer time and one thing I’ve learned is that people get just as hungry in June, July, and August as they do in November and December. We continue to make nearly 400 deliveries every month of supplemental groceries to … Continue reading

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