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That didn’t take long.

It didn’t take the urban vandals in charge of Project 180 long to do the deadly deed to the historic trees at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. They are all gone.  Steve Lackmeyer has a photo up at his OKC … Continue reading

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One year ago today. . .

One year ago today about this time I was miserable.  It was Ash Wednesday and I had for the umpteenth time quit smoking.  But here I am, one year later, and not one cigarette in the past year. I started … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone debunks the fracking bubble and ABC reports PINK SLIME in hamburger

The March 15, 2012 edition of Rolling Stone magazine has  an excellent debunking of the fracking bubble and the myth of 100 years of natural gas — The Big Fracking Bubble – the Scam Behind the Gas Boom. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Avoiding Food Pollution

Food pollution is a problem.  Pesticide and herbicide residues are common on non-organic supermarket produce.  While testing data isn’t available, since most processed foods use commercial non-organic vegetables, it is likely that pesticide residue is a problem for processed foods … Continue reading

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The big picture on the income tax debate and the coming defenestration of the economic aristocracy.

It’s not an accident that abolition of the state income tax has come up at this juncture of history. Because of the economics of scarcity, and the on-going slide of our nation onto the ash heap of history, people understand … Continue reading

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The many advantages of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative

Ten years ago we made our first non-farmers market effort towards developing a local food system in Oklahoma and planted the seed that grew into the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.  During the 2002 wheat harvest, 12 people bought 20 bushels of … Continue reading

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More March Garden Pics

First, we have two pictures of actual walking onions, as opposed to the day lilies that I misidentified as walking onions, a/k/a Egyptian onions, in my recent post on the flowering apricot tree. The picture to the right has day … Continue reading

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In Memory of Anthony Shadid

This afternoon I attended the memorial service of Anthony Shadid (obituary), the world renowned reporter on Middle Eastern Issues, who was a native son of Oklahoma, and the cousin of Oklahoma City Councilman Dr. Ed Shadid.  I can’t do justice … Continue reading

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Apricot tree in bloom 3-2-2012

My apricot tree in full bloom, this date March 2, 2012. Walking onions (a type of perennial onion) in the foreground, just getting going for this year.  Non-leafed out tree to the right is an Oklahoma redbud. The small flowering … Continue reading

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Turnip Burnt Ends

According to Wikipedia. . . Burnt ends are flavorful pieces of meat cut from the point half of a smoked brisket. A traditional part of Kansas City Barbecue, burnt ends are considered a delicacy in barbecue cooking. Either the entire … Continue reading

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