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Your Oklahoma City Tax Dollars at Work at NW 23 and Penn.

Yesterday I needed to get a couple of items, and so instead of driving to Buy for Less at NW 23 and Penn, I decided to walk.  It was a beautiful day for a walk. When I got to the … Continue reading

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All Hail Mary Queen of Lynch Mobs Fallin — The most ANTI-LIFE Governor in Oklahoma History

While out of state for the SW Liturgy Conference, news became public of the latest machination of the Republican regime in Oklahoma City.  By Order of Governor Mary Queen of Lynch Mobs Fallin herself herself, insurance companies may exclude coverage … Continue reading

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A Catholic Worker reflection on the remarks of Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, D.C. at the Southwest Liturgical Conference Study Week, in Dallas, Texas, January 24, 2012

On the evening of the first day of the SWLC Study Week, Cardinal Wuerl gave the keynote presentation ““ “The Word of God and the New Evangelization.” His presentation was urbane and literate, dogmatic and spiritual. I can’t say that … Continue reading

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My testimony before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission today.

My name is Bob Waldrop, and I am the founder of the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City. Each month we deliver food to low income households that don’t have transportation. In the past year we’ve made about … Continue reading

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