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A Better Way to Go to Work

In this time of economic uncertainty, Oklahoma City workers need a home-grown local solution to global economic problems. A worker-owned cooperative is a business that is owned, controlled, and managed by its employees. It  derives its power from the people … Continue reading

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Don’t get cheated by OKC-area Cox Cable.

In August, Co Cable offered us a 2 year lock on prices for our package of services if we added a few things. As part of the deal, we were promised a $100 rebate.  The check didn’t arrive, though, so … Continue reading

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Bob’s Speaker Notes, Forum on Sustainability, OCU Chapel, September 8, 2011

I will start with a joke, but it will be a quick one, so pay attention. GEORGE BUSH The present situation is out of control.  We face a triple threat ““ peak oil, economic irrationality, climate instability.  The combination of … Continue reading

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Oklahoma “very low food security” increases 60% 2008-2010 over the period 2005-2007

The USDA report on food security was released today, and for Oklahoma, the news was bad.  See for yourself in table S-4 of the Statistical Supplement to the report — The number of households reporting “very low food security” rose … Continue reading

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600 people crowd Ed Shadid forum tonight.

The Grand Ballroom of the Oklahoma City Marriott hotel was packed with standing room only when the community forum hosted by City Councilman Ed Shadid began earlier this evening. he told me afterwards the room was set for 500, with … Continue reading

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