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Developing a practical microcombine

We all know how I love to rant and rave about problems. It’s not for nuthin’ that my blog subtitle is “Bob rants with hair on fire.”  But I am also very interested in solutions, practical ideas that get us … Continue reading

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GOP agenda steals from the poor and middle class.

I had this letter to the editor published in the Oklahoman on April 10, 2011 (I am a bit behind this week, lol.) Congressional Republicans say they want a balanced budget, yet serious cuts to defense expenditures are conspicuously absent … Continue reading

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Setting the Republicans straight on health care.

Here in Oklahoma our Republican Governor and Legislature are in a tizzy, yea I say, a veritable plethora of tizzies, about health care, as in Obamacare they don’t want it.  They want a FREE MARKET in health care! There seems … Continue reading

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