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The limits to complexity.

This is not exactly light and easy reading, but it is good reading.  I read Joseph Tainter’s book The Collapse of Complex Societies many years ago, and its understanding of the role of complexity in the rise and fall of … Continue reading

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Mary Fallin is against health care reform. Big whoop.

Once again, we read today   that Governor-Elect Mary Fallin is AGAINST (health insurance mandate).  But all I see at her website, regarding what she is for, are some platitudes.  I am not looking foward to four years of hearing about … Continue reading

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BREAKING News, Potpourri Round-up, AND Weird News

I have been really busy lately. . . the holidays get that way for both  musicians and those who help the poor, and I wear both those hats. . . I’ve accumulated a list of topics I wanted to comment … Continue reading

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