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As Ireland has gone, so will the United States.

The details of the take-over of the Irish state by a cartel of international banks are becoming more clear.  As detailed at the Automatic Earth, the minimum wage is being CUT, taxes are being raised, social welfare programs slashed.  The … Continue reading

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Aubrey McClendon blowing smoke out his anus.

This is from the “One picture is worth a thousand words department”, and is an illustration for my post “The False Promises of Aubrey McClendon”.  Many thanks to Ray Barnes of for the caricature! Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend … Continue reading

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8 Reasons why Amtrak or Greyhound is better than flying.

So the news recently has been dominated by travellers complaining about new federal rules mandating that passengers who don’t want to be exposed naked by the new magic airport scanners, who or flunk the scanners, be sexually molested in order … Continue reading

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Big trouble in cattle country.

This is one of those obscure events that could be more significant than we realize. Eastern Livestock, a major player in the cattle industry, is being  forced into bankruptcy and forced to stop doing business by government regulators due to … Continue reading

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S 510 Update

Here’s the latest on S510: The Tester Amendment is now part of the Manager’s Amendment, which is (apparently) routinely adopted when passing a bill.  This would exempt enterprises doing less than $500,000/year in sales and which do business within a … Continue reading

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Food deliveries last Saturday

Last Saturday we made 331 deliveries. 75 of them were to families of 4 or more. Here is what we delivered. Everyone got a bag with: Rice (2 lb) Pasta (1 lb) potatoes (5 lbs) 1 Can each of green … Continue reading

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Senate says YES to cloture on S 510

The United States Senate voted YES today — 75 to 24! — for the cloture motion on S 510.  “Cloture” means that a final vote must be scheduled on the bill within 60 days.  So while this is a defeat, … Continue reading

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The false promises of Aubrey McLendon.

Kunstler this week writes about Aubrey McClendon, who apparently was on a recent edition of 60 minutes orating about our 250 (or so) year supply of gas, methane gas that is from shale fields.  I’m glad I missed the original … Continue reading

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Fear – Fire – Foes – Awake — S 510 up for a vote this week!

Fear ““ Fire ““ Foes ““ Awake! S 510 up for vote on Wednesday According to Food Safety News, the so-called Food Safety Bill, S 510, will be up for a procedural vote on Wednesday. If it passes this hurdle, … Continue reading

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US Catholic Bishops and the Iraqi Christians

The November 7, 2010 edition of the Sooner Catholic, published by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, carries a Catholic News Service article datelined Washington, D.C. — “US Bishops Grieve Iraqi Massacre Victims.” And so the disinformation campaign continues from the US … Continue reading

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