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Al Popov v. Oklahoma Natural Gas

The gears on my truck have been sticking a bit and slow to shift, so on my way home I stopped at my mechanic’s shop — Al Popov — on the southwest corner of North Portland and NW 50th. Al … Continue reading

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Are the US Catholic bishops are satisfied with the results of their endorsement of the war in Afghanistan?

I just finished reading the NY Times article with the first reports from the Wikileaks classified Afghan war documents. Then I went back and read the statement I wrote in December 2001 that was signed by 4 Catholic Worker houses … Continue reading

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Rousing a lynch mob against “illegal immigrants”.

It’s an election year, and politicians across the board are raising a lynch mob around the immigration issue. Despite all the hand wringing from various public officials about “illegal immigration”, the system is actually working exactly as it is supposed … Continue reading

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Who will be the next Archbishop of Oklahoma City

The Most Reverend Eusebius Beltran, Archbishop of Oklahoma City, has reached the mandatory retirement age of 75, and presumably has submitted his letter of resignation to Pope Benedict XVI.  Generally, unless there is a health or scandal reason, such letters … Continue reading

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Goodbye to June and Ward Cleaver.

The statistics are irrefutable. 83% of stocks are owned by the top 1% of households. 61% of Americans always or usually live paycheck to paycheck, up from 43% in 2007. Banks own a greater share of residential housing net worth … Continue reading

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The problem with Al Gore

Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook (yes, I at least glance at it most days) points out that Al Gore remains an important person “to the Left”, mostly regarding environmental issues and climate change, linking Darren Samuelsohn’s “Gore, but not forgotten article” … Continue reading

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2010 Election thus far.

The silly season is well on its way here in Oklahoma.  Primarily, the primary battle seems to be the Republican primary for the 5th congressional district.  A field of 10 (!!!!) candidates is attempting to get the Republican nomination for … Continue reading

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Oops on Route 8 OKC Metro bus system

So there I was, 820 this morning, sitting at the clearly marked bus stop at N Indiana and NW 21, waiting for the bus.  830 came and went, no bus.  Oh well, I figured, he must have been running early … Continue reading

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The 2 car trap.

A couple of months ago, the transmission went out on my Geo Metro.  My “other car” is a 1989 Chevy Silverado pickup.  The Geo Metro got 38 mpg around town, and 49 mpg on the freeway; my Chevy Silverado gets … Continue reading

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Declaring Independence.

The news going forward continues  grim.  The aristocracy and its minions are doing their best to confuse issues and keep up the pretense that everything is fine, that we can grow our way out of the debt problem, and that … Continue reading

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