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The Unmentionable Sorrows of War

Comes now the New York Times, with a story of one of the unmentionable sorrows of unjust war — the fate of Iraqis gone missing during the war. Thousands of Iraqis have gone missing during this war, most likely killed … Continue reading

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Can this be true? Social Security Can Be Saved!

I’m not sure why today’s news on Social Security hasn’t been noticed much by the blogosphere.  I don’t wonder why it isn’t in the Mainstream Media because the MSM is the “Managed Media”, and this kind of news isn’t something … Continue reading

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More good news: the importance of picking up trash in public places.

Here’s some good news from Pakistan, of all places.  Rising Generation in Pakistan. Not much good news from Pakistan these days, but these young people are the seed of a movement that could change the future of that land. Make … Continue reading

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Good news regarding consumer sales and gasoline usage.

Good news today from the US Census Bureau!  Retails sales were down 11.4% from March 2008, and down .4% from February 2009.  Gasoline sales were down 36.4% from March 2008. I know, the mainstream media, all of our politicians, and … Continue reading

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Oklahoma’s Corporate Welfare Queen makes out like Phat Rat.

Aubrey McClendon, head of Cheasapeake Energy, is making out like the phattest rat of all.  Even though the corporation has lost billions of dollars, his personally selected Board of Directors has awarded him one of the most generous CEO compensation … Continue reading

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Buying Brand Obama

Buying Brand Obama is without a doubt the best analysis I have seen thus far about our new Tyrant-Emperor Barak Hussein Obama I.  It could be titled — “The marketing of a tyrant-emperor”.  Machiavelli lives, to this day, and his … Continue reading

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76 years of the Catholic Worker movement.

If you wonder why I do what I do. . . the answer is in the words below, which I am repeating here from my On Pilgrimage in Oklahoma blog. This is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.  On this … Continue reading

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