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Frugality is the enemy!

Referencing the New York Times — When Consumers Cut Back –– Rod Dreher recently wrote Frugality is . . . the enemy? at his Crunchy Con blog. This produced an interesting series of comments, including this one by Yours Truly: … Continue reading

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The dinosaurs are finished. Somebody notify the mammals.

I wish I had thought of the line I use as a headline for this post, but I didn’t. Credit belongs to Simon Johnson who writes for the Baseline Scenario in his post Bank Nationalization: A Viewer’s Guide. I think … Continue reading

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More bwahahahahahaha. . .

The author of the HB 2151, which I had been describing as an Urban Livestock Liberation act, has made a slight change in the text of his bill, by adding this text: “C. The provisions of subsections A and B of … Continue reading

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Envisioning Oklahoma City in 2020

A new blog, Envision 2020 “” Postcards from the future of Oklahoma City “” is a project of the Transition Town OKC group. It is a collaborative effort to “vision” our way forward through the coming challenges, which I often … Continue reading

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Comes now the Oklahoma State Legislature, intent on defending this state from all who eat ARUGALA! We will teach those commie symp Californians that we are red meat eating Real Americans. Watch out you arugala eaters. The Legislature is on … Continue reading

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New boss same as the old boss.

Someone or something doesn’t like this post.  It has disappeared twice. So I listened to our new Treasury Secretary –“he who can’t figure his own taxes” — unveil the “new” plan to save our financial system. Appropriately, he spoke from … Continue reading

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A visit to Clear Creek.

On Saturday I visited the Monastery of Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek, located about 15 miles west of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, “over the hill and through the dale” at the end of a gravel road.  It was the … Continue reading

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“In the Future”. . .

Three little words, in paragraph 8 of “Obama puts string on bailout bid” in today’s Daily Oklahoman, “tell all.”  AFTER the crooks, thugs, and thieves of Wall Street have fled, NOW we slam the door shut. It is the current … Continue reading

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11 proposals to curb the corporate crime wave.

In the days before blogs (1999), I wrote a little essay which enjoyed a brief “15 minutes of fame” on the internet.  Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, editors of the Corporate Crime Report, published it in one of their essays … Continue reading

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Separate and Unequal

One of the things driving us towards the ash heap of history is the “separate and unequal” system our aristocacies have carved out for themselves in our constitutional order. Bernie Madoff, who made off with billions of dollars, rests comfortably … Continue reading

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