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More on Republican Hissy Fit. . .

Since the president of the NW Oklahoma City Republican Club is making false and slanderous statements about the religious tract he is referring to as a “threatening letter”, I thought I should put the document on the internet so that … Continue reading

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Discombobulating Republican Candidates for Congress

It seems as though I’ve given some Republicans a minor case of heartburn.  In late March I sent all of the members of the State Legislature a “Woe to the Rich” broadsheet that focused on the immigration issue.  It quoted … Continue reading

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Another stealth election!

Today, Tuesday May 9, 2006, turns out to be another stealth election day.  This time it is a ballot proposition — authorizing a 25 year franchise agreement with OGE for supplying electricity to Oklahoma City. I voted against it.  If … Continue reading

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Politicians are conspiring to drive me crazy.

Moan.  It’s election year.  And clearly the politicians are conspiring to drive me crazy.  It’s gotten to the point where if the headline says something about oil or gas or energy policy, I skip the article. Sure, we call election … Continue reading

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A new plot against the poor in Oklahoma City

Wealthy medical corporations are casting covetous eyes on the low income neighborhood south and east of the hospital/medical research complex in northeastern Oklahoma City. Below is a comment I sent yesterday to the officers of the Presbyterian Health Foundation in … Continue reading

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