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An open letter to the unknown person(s) who took my rosemary bush.

I hope you really needed and will truly enjoy and appreciate the rosemary arp bush you took from my yard.  It was one of the first plants that I put into the ground here 14 years ago and it was … Continue reading

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OKC’s new drought watering plan: sacrificing food gardens for swimming pools?

The City sent everyone in town a brochure this week describing the new City contingency plans for watering restrictions during drought.  At first glance, it looks reasonable, even prudent, but there’s a big bamboozling devil in its details, and that … Continue reading

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iPermie now on sale!

My new book, iPermie! How to permaculture your urban lifestyle, is now on sale at these fine online sources.  Only $1.99! for 14 sections, 248 chapters, 399,000 words! Amazon Kindle Apple Store Kobo Versent eBooks Bookmark on DeliciousDigg … Continue reading

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Oklahoma City Nanny State Alert!

Oklahoma City is asking the state legislature to lower the height requirements before the city can write code violations and get a court order for a contractor to mow a property, charging the homeowner with the bill, from the present … Continue reading

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Time for another CASH MOB in support of Oklahoma farmers and producers!

In September, I put out a call for a cash mob in support of local farmers. As a result, the Oklahoma Food Coop had one of its best month’s this year and reports suggested the farmers markets did better too. … Continue reading

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Bob ignores the convention and concentrates on important stuff, like hypermiling and container gardening.

I am ignoring the conventions this year and concentrating on useful stuff like hypermiling and container gardening. I am making some progress on my hypermiling abilities. My 1993 Geo Metro was getting about 35 miles per gallon, but recently I’ve … Continue reading

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Fall Tree Planting Season Is upon Us

This little note is to remind everyone in Oklahoma (actually, the entire Northern Hemisphere) that the fall tree planting season is upon us. In Oklahoma, fall is the best time to plant trees.  And one nice thing about the growth … Continue reading

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Ten principles of household and community food security.

We need to increase the quality of our food lives so that our food is safe, nutritious, and tasty.  Permaculture design can provide a description of the way forward into a more sustainable way of living that cares for people, … Continue reading

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What will you eat this winter? A Celebration of Local Food Independence!

It is high summer, and as I have often said in my mid-summer blog posts since 2003 — it’s Summertime, and the livin is easy. Listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong in what is maybe the best recording ever … Continue reading

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Roots and Radishes – OR — Help! What do I do with a daikon radish!

Even though I’ve been around the Oklahoma Food Cooperative from the beginning, I am continually amazed and delighted at the progress of our developing local food system. This month I am seeing lots of roots and radishes, and different kinds … Continue reading

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